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Praying for Bosnia & Herzegovina

Ruler: Pres. Bakir Izetbegovic

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Only you can heal the wounds left by the many conflicts over the years, including the latest in 1992-1995. “Only evangelicals are effectively bridging the ethnic fault lines,”​ is an amazing testimony to the universal truth of the gospel. Spread this bridging across the land.


​Real powers lies with NATO, trying to orchestrate a transition to a feasible post-war arrangement.

Capital Sarajevo
Ruler Pres. Bakir Izetbegovic
Population 3.7M
Peoples Slavic 94%
Literacy 95%
Language Bosnian
Economy Foreign aid is important as is rebuilding the infrastructure
HDI 76th
Debt 40%
Income $4,625
Religion Muslim 54%, Christian 41%