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Praying for China, People’s Republic of

Ruler: President Xi Jinping

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We must only bow in awe of your amazing handiwork, Lord Jesus ! The church in China has survived the grown from 2.7 million in 1975 to 75 million today ! Continue to bless and protect the Chinese church as an inspiration to the orld, as she cares for her fellow citizens of Chins, and sees freedom slowly spread.


Social ills facing Chins are may, but an emerging civil sector, including both private and government owned aid and development . Groups, will go a long way toward the struggles.

Capital Bejing
Ruler President Xi Jinping
Population 1.3 B
Peoples East Asian 93 %
Literacy 91 %
Language Putonghua
Economy World's 3rd largest economy, largest holder of foreign exchange reserves
HDI 92nd/182
Debt 16 %
Income $3,259
Religion Non-religious 44 %, Chinese 28 5, Buddhist 12 %