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Praying for Mauritania

Ruler: Acting President Mohamed Oiuld Abdel Aziz

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Show yourself to Mauritania, where Islam has taken hold for 1,000 years, and there are only 8500 Christians. Help World Vision, Caritas, the Lutherans and others as they work in and for Mauritania.


​Multiparty democracy was ousted in 2005. Civilian government came after 2007 elections. Another coup in 2008, and further presidential elections in 2009, reestablishing civilian government.

Capital Nouakchot
Ruler Acting President Mohamed Oiuld Abdel Aziz
Population 3 M
Peoples Arab
Literacy 51%
Language Arabic
Economy Farming, and animal heerding
HDI 154th/182
Debt 171%
Income $1,042
Religion Muslim 98%