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Praying for Sierra Leone

Ruler: President Ernest Bai Koroma

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​Thank you LORD for ending the 11 years of madness that claimed 100K lives in the 90’s. Save the women and children from the highest infant & maternal mortality rate in the world. Ease the pain of this poorest of lands, and stop the rapit spread of Islam. Lord, heal those with the Ebola plague.


​Since 2002, democracy has prevailed with successful and peaceful elections.

Capital Freetown
Ruler President Ernest Bai Koroma
Population 6 M
Peoples Atlantic 38%, Mande 32d%
Literacy 54%
Language English
Economy Natural resources:diamonds, gold, titanium, iron ore, cocoa
HDI 180th/182
Debt 156%
Income $332
Religion Muslim 63%, Ethnoreligionist 23%