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Praying for Sudan

Ruler: President Omar al-Bashir

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​What a miracle, that points to the bloody cross of Christ! Your ways, Oh LORD, are mysterious. You have seen churches, planted, unreached, reached and exponential growth from 1.6 to over 11 million Christians through the last 31 years of tragedy after tragedy in Sudan. Save Darfur from the massacres, rapes, mutilations and destruction of the government sponsored genocide.


​Hostile relations with most, if not all, of its neighbors.

Capital Khartoum
Ruler President Omar al-Bashir
Population 43M
Peoples Arab World 58%, Sudanese Arab 52%
Literacy 59%
Language Arabic & English
Economy Agriculture and mineral resources
HDI 150th/182
Debt 100%
Income $1,522
Religion Muslim 61%, Christian 26%