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Praying for Tanzania

Ruler: President Jakaaya Kikwete

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‚ÄčThank you for the peace in Tanzania. Now we pray you will turn her upside down with your loving grace. Care for her over 1 million AIDS orphans, Ignite a passion for Christ within the hearts of the 40% who are “Christians” but do not attend churches. Convert the 14 million Muslims.


‚ÄčMultiparty democracy in 1992. has remained stable in a troubled region for 50 years.

Capital Dodomaa
Ruler President Jakaaya Kikwete
Population 45 M
Peoples Bantu 86%
Literacy 69%
Language Swahili, English
Economy Agricultural subsistence economy dominates
HDI 151st/182
Debt 23%
Income $520
Religion Christian 54%, Muslim 31%