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Goals of Prayer Boot Camp in a Box

‚ÄčTo "take a good shot" at knowing everything the Scripture says to do about prayer.

To never be intimidated again when Satan or a church member (sometimes they seem the same) says "How is your prayer life?"

To respond: "It's intact, biblical, and victorious...thank you very much."

to unlearn everything unbiblical about prayer.

To be affirmed an increase in what I'm already doing that is biblical.

What We Will Cover

  1. ‚ÄčIs waiting profitable for all the pain it brings
  2. Bible prayers that we are told to pray
  3. Prayers requested by Godly men in the bible
  4. Letting prayer be your ministry.  Is it legitimate or a cop-out from doing other ministries?
  5. Conscience, is it your guide or under submission to the Word of God?
  6. When praise does more work than prayer
  7. Being a common laborer in prayer
  8. What actually makes your prayer effective?
  9. What hinders prayer?
  10. Prayer Lists: How they bring happiness
  11. Affliction and tribulation: When god ignores all your prayers
  12. Prayer while sleeping:  Maybe the best of both worlds
  13. Prayer Battalion - A few good humans - What is faith anyway?
  14. There's a topic on remembrance..but I forgot what it was